Install Prot-On app and log-in with your free Prot-On account username

iPad/iPhone instructions below

Download link:

To verify your your Prot-On installation see following image. Mouse-over, do not click, the Prot-On icon and you should see your Prot-On username.


To open your eToday click issue to download


if you do not get this option click on the file and you should reach this screen. Then from the top menu choose File -> Save As...

Note your download path / location 


Locate your file, right-click and Open with Prot-On like as below


Download for your iPad / iPhone -


Open link to the papers

Select paper, it will download and you should get following

Somewhere on your screen you should see following icon

Tap on it and you will see a screen a bit similar to following

Select Prot-On in the list